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Sustainability Chats - Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

In our current culture, electronics are nearly a necessity and technology is ever changing. Unfortunately, that results in a lot of e-waste causing a multitude of problems. Luckily, a local company is taking on this challenge by recycling and reusing e-waste materials to address this problem.

Headquartered in Onalaska, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations focuses on e-waste recycling and materials lifecycle management. At our March Sustainability Chat, Angela Remus and Sarah Davis shared how they support the Recycling business unit by working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to help them meet their legislative recycling obligations and sustainability goals. As members of Dynamic's Sustainability Committee, Angela and Sarah share a passion for sustainability both professionally and personally. Angela is Dynamic's subject matter expert for the company’s newly launched avoided emissions calculator, and Sarah is the collection event coordinator.

At the end of the presentation, Sarah linked participants to local collection events and covered what e-waste is acceptable to bring. She also offered resources for consumers to know where to take their e-waste if a collection event was not possible.

Here are a few of the helpful resources and links shared during the Sustainability Chat:

Permanent Drop Off Locations:

Missed our live event? Watch the video playback below!



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