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Join the Sustainability Institute Drawdown Challenge Team as we work together taking joyful action to reduce carbon and track our collective impact.

Step 1 - Join the TEAM

The Drawdown Challenge is a solutions-oriented engagement program focused on reducing carbon in the atmosphere. The actions within this challenge connect to solutions highlighted in Project Drawdown's work - research that maps, measures, models, and describes solutions to global warming that already exist. Participants choose actions, complete those actions, and track and share their progress using the online platform. When they check off their completed actions, they earn points and see the real-time impact of their actions. The combination of collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun.


Step 2 - Choose to take ACTION

Once you join our team, find actions that speak to you. You can choose as many as you like! There are LOTS of categories to choose from each with many action items. Some are one time actions, while other you complete daily. Want to take action as a family? Sign up with one account and let each family member choose their own action(s). 

NEW for 2022, get involved with other teammates during the Drawdown Discussion Series. Join Casey & Carrie while we watch short Project Drawdown videos and have breakout discussions about climate change and how we can make an impact.

Copy of Inspiring Sustainability Awards (27).png
Copy of Inspiring Sustainability Awards (29).png

Step 3 - Create a collective IMPACT

Once you choose your actions, you will complete those actions for 2-weeks in October. The interactive platform will automatically calculate your impact on your dashboard and award  you point. Bonus! As a team, we will be able to see our collective impact.

Step 4 - Celebrate TOGETHER

Here at the Sustainability Institute, we believe that Sustainability efforts should be celebrated! We want to do just that; celebrate our collective impact and successes together. As a team participant, join us in celebration for the Inspiring Sustainability Awards & Drawdown Challenge Celebration. We will be announcing our two Inspiring Sustainability Award winners along with sharing the accomplishments of our team from the Drawdown Challenge. 

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1. Learn about climate change solutions  
2. Call for more renewable energy in your country
3. Eat more plants and cut down on meat
4. Walk & cycle rather than drive
5. Demand leaders take bold climate action today
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