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We are currently looking for locations, organizations and businesses that would like sponsor and feature their sustainability efforts in a mission for the 2023 Green Goose Chase! Email us for more details.   


What is the Green Goose Chase?
The Green Goose Chase is a virtual team mission-based scavenger hunt.  Start by downloading the app then creating or joining a team to play the Green Goose Chase for FREE. You will have missions for your team to complete. Missions have a name, description, point value and are completed through snapping photos, texting in answers, or GPS location tags. As you complete missions, your team will accrue points at a chance to win great prizes!  Did I mention it is completely FREE!









Each mission is tied to at least one of the Good Life Goals. By taking action towards these goals, you're helping to create a cleaner, safer, healthier, more vibrant Driftless Region. Thank you! 

What is a Team?
A team can be a single person or a group! Maybe it's a family, a group of friends, neighbors, classmates or a department at work. There is no limit to how many can be on  your team and participate (For the best team experience, we suggest a team max of 5). One member of the team must be 18+.

How does a Team Play?
The entire event is FREE and played through the Goose Chase APP.
A list of missions will open when the event starts. MAGICALLY throughout the week, new missions may pop up and alert you on your phone so make sure to have notifications turned on for your device. By using this APP, it will allow team members who do not live in the same household to play together. Missions may have you taking pictures, going on adventures, visiting locations, learning more about our region and searching for GREEN GEESE! 





Mini-missions will release on Sunday, April 30th at the Earth Fair in Myrick Park. These missions can only be completed while at the Fair. Teams that complete these missions will be entered into an ADDITIONAL prize drawing.

Wait! There are PRIZES?!?
YES! Although all teams are bound to have TONS of FUN , teams who participate and accrue enough points will be entered into a random drawing for some great prizes. We will also have an additional drawing for teams who complete the mini-missions and unscramble the word clue at the Earth Fair. NEW to 2023: A special top prize drawing will occur for our top 3 teams!

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Green Goose Chase Prizes


Want to donate a prize to the Green Goose Chase? Email us at


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2023 Team Celebration
We will be having an in-person team celebration at the Earth Fair on April 30, at 3PM in the Marshview room. Grab a cookie and mingle with other teams where we will draw for prizes and recognize those Mission Master Teams! Your team does not have to be present to win. Make sure to RSVP so we have an estimated count :) 

Participants, teams and individuals, in the 2022 Green Goose Chase game assume all responsibility for participating in the game and for any consequence that may arise from participating in it. In no way will the Sustainability Institute and Earth Fair be liable for consequences that occur directly or indirectly with your participation in this game. 

When you sign up to play, you will need to accept the terms of service & waive liability.