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Living Lab - Western's Integrated Technology Center (Sustainability Chats - virtual tour)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The Integrated Technology Center is a LEED Platinum certified building on Western Technical College’s campus. Western’s goal when building this space was to provide a “World Class Facility” that is a teaching tool where the space in which students learn becomes a space to learn from. When traversing the halls, one will quickly notice exposed sections with labeled pipes, interior construction and open overhead panels. The building's walls and ceilings are open for students to experience and learn about how the building was designed, built and operates. Some of Western’s longest and newest programming such as Industry Sectors, Agriculture, Architecture and Construction, Advanced Manufacturing, STEM, Apprenticeship and Transportation are housed in the Integrated Technology Center.

In addition, this 4-story, 125,00 sq. ft. building was built on the foundation of an existing building and focused on re-purposing and recycling useable materials to divert waste from local landfills. These diverted materials include:

  • 13 tons of cardboard

  • 90 tons of wood

  • 814 tons of concrete

  • 52 tons of steel

  • 4,785 lbs of copper

  • 4,500 lbs of aluminum

  • 160 tons of roof gravel

  • 9.5 tons of insulation

  • 1,189 tons of asphalt

During our latest Sustainability Chats, Associate Dean Mike Poellinger, took us virtually around the ITC building highlighting more of it’s amazing features and intentional design. On the third floor he visited the Living Green Wall which not only provides a serene contrast to the industrial feel of the building, but also supplies fresh air into the space. Students also use this feature to learn how to support the watering, pump and lighting system that keeps the over 3,500 plants alive. Just one floor down, students can spend time outdoors on the building's 2nd floor green roof. This is space is used for outdoor learning and also absorbs rain water used for irrigation or non-potable water in urinals and toilets. We also looked at the parking lot which has a solar panel to provide cover for a portion of parking, EV charging station, bike repair station and underground geothermal wells. You can watch the entire tour and learn more about these features HERE.

Want to learn more about Western's sustainability plan? Check it out here!



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