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Sustainability Chats: GoMacro - Bigger than a bar!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

We finished up the month of September and started the beginning of the fall season with a Sustainability Chats virtual tour of GoMacro, a plant based nutritional bar company located in Viola, WI.

Maybe you have seen their bars being sold at local Festival Foods, or you have purchased one to enjoy, but did you know about all of the amazing work this Mother & Daughter owned and run company has been doing? Keep reading for more about GoMacro and their commitment to sustainability.

Here are just a few of their sustainable accomplishments:

  1. They are a 100% renewable energy & 100% carbon neutral company.

  2. They have funded the planting of 66,000 trees (100 acres of forest)

  3. Each year they send approximately 75 tons of recycling to partners to reclaim & repurpose.

  4. Food scraps are donated to local farmers to feed animals which eliminates 20,000lbs from local landfills.

  5. Labels are manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste & trays are compostable.

  6. GoMacro's renewable energy sources (wind & sun) provide the entire production facility with 100% renewable energy and this investment has allowed them to bring renewable wind energy to the Village of Viola meaning that all businesses & homes are 100% powered by wind-energy without impacting their energy bill.

  7. 727,000 bars have been donated to food pantries.

  8. View GoMacro's 2019 Sustainability Report

  9. You can find EVEN MORE about their sustainability efforts and continued goals on their website which has a whole area dedicated to their commitment.

Watch the Q&A Session with GoMacro's Tony Saarem from our October Sustainability Chats.



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