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Sustainability Chats - Local Public Transportation

As a part of Transit Equity Days, we were excited to host a Sustainability Chat highlighting local public transportation.

Peter Fletcher, Executive Director of the La Crosse Area Planning Committee and Adam Lorentz, City of La Crosse Director of Transit spoke about local public transportation offerings including the SMRT bus, shared ride services, and MTU offerings.

If you missed it live, here is your chance to rewatch and find out our local public transportation, how it's funded, who uses it, and the benefits of these services.

This Sustainability Chats is a part of a weeklong event hosted by La Crosse MTU & LATA (La Crosse Area Transit Authority) with the MTU & SMRT bus systems happening Jan. 30 - Feb. 4, 2023 called Transit Equity Days. Check out the schedule of events!

Feb. 4 is Rosa Parks' birthday and for the past four years, the Labor Network for Sustainability has sponsored a Transit Equity Day on Feb. 4 to highlight the importance of public transportation for good paying service jobs that are vital for equity and climate action.



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