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Sustainability Chats - The Nature Place

Updated: Jun 5

Our June Sustainability featured The Nature Place - a 501 C3 organization positioned in the bottom of Myrick Park and along the La Crosse River Marsh. Funding for The Nature Place comes from AmeriCorps grants, private donors, other grants and fees for service.

The staff at the Nature Place shared more about their NUMEROUS environmental education programs, community programs, community science, and land stewardship that help people of all ages become better connected with the amazing Driftless ecosystem we live in.

This amazing organization also positions their building as a community space for all to engage with nature. It is the perfect spot for students to study, families to check out their indoor and outdoor activities, grab some produce from their free garden baskets and community groups to convene. If you haven't been INSIDE the Nature Place in the last year, you will be amazed with the remodeled community space including snack bar, kids' activity area, various seating arrangements and more.

Watch the video playback below!



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