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They do what?!? - Sustainability Chats with Habitat ReStore!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

This past week we were able to chat with Steve Baker, General Manager of the Habitat ReStore, and tour the building located at Berlin Drive right next to the landfill.

If you haven't heard of or visited the Habitat ReStore, you may wonder...."What's at the ReStore?" There you will find materials that are donated from individuals and businesses that include such items as appliances, cabinetry, furniture, doors, flooring, hardware, HVAC, lighting and electrical, lumber, masonry, plumbing, and windows. Through the donation process, tons of materials are diverted from the landfill each year! You’ll be saving significant money, getting excellent materials and supplies while at the same time supporting affordable housing for lower income families. The profits raised from the Habitat ReStore go directly to the Habitat for Humanity Program.

Steve walked us through the ReStore showcasing not only the amazing items they have in store, but also their other sustainable efforts.

Besides accepting and selling building materials and home hard goods, Habitat ReStore has an in house recycling program where they dismantle items for parts that can be recycled such as metals, wires and more.

In the past year, Habitat ReStore had over 17,750 sales which is an estimated 351 tons diverted from waste streams. That is equivalent to TWENTY EIGHT school busses! They also accepted over 4,200 donations.

You can shop the ReStore or donate Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm. See the current safety precautions for in-store shopping down below. Did you know they also offer free local donation pick-ups and all donations are tax deductible?

If you missed it, watch the Sustainability Chat HERE!



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