• Please review what is accepted for the event. While we would love to recycle all items, only certain items will be taken during the event. 

  • Take a moment to review the map of the event. To help ease the flow of traffic, volunteers will be guiding vehicles and signs will mark drop off locations.

More details including what will be accepted, costs for recycling and event maps will come closer to the event date.



  Sunday, April 24th 10AM-3PM  Drive-thru ONLY



Saturday, April 23rd, 2022  9AM-3PM

More details coming soon!



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Trail Trek Challenge is the year-round hike/walk program at nature preserves protected by Mississippi Valley Conservancy. The challenge is to hike at least 5 of the 16 designated trails in the program within a year. The 365-day program works for people who like to walk with family and friends, or solo, and it allows them to hike and walk when it’s convenient for them. The program includes trails that are in or close to La Crosse and trails that are in surrounding counties. Inspirations for day trips and sight-seeing are included in many of the program updates throughout the year.


2021 program has a new family-friendly feature called Find Nature’s Treasures. It’s geared to youngsters and includes a unique nature hunt for each of the 16 trails in the Trail Trek Challenge. We’ll tell you all about it in the kick-off presentation.

Get all the Trail Trek Challenge details, including trail maps, Hike-of-the-Month features, Find Nature’s Treasures, trail conditions, and more at our website.



Record plants and wildlife in your backyard or anywhere in the Driftless Area for this community science and fun event.

2022 Details Coming Soon!


What Is Driftless Area BioBlitz?

Driftless Area BioBlitz is a free, one-of-a-kind, opportunity for families, students, and all naturelovers to search for and learn about plants and wildlife in the Driftless Area. For this year we will continue following COVID guidelines.

People participate by submitting observations of wild organisms from anywhere in the Driftless Area using iNaturalist.  The Driftless Area includes areas in Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa that is free from glacial drift and seems not to have been covered by the Pleistocene ice.  - Learn More and How to Sign Up at Strive2Thrive's Website! Click the button to the left!


HONK! You found me!



Each mission in the Green Goose Chase is tied to at least one of the Good Life Goals. By taking action towards these goals you’re helping to create a cleaner, safer, healthier more vibrant Driftless Region. Thank you! To learn more about the Good Life Goals, visit goodlifegoals.org or look below!

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What is the Green Goose Chase?
The Green Goose Chase is a virtual team mission-based scavenger hunt.  Start by downloading the app then creating or joining a team to play the Green Goose Chase for FREE. You will have missions for your team to complete. Missions have a name, description, point value and are completed through snapping photos, texting in answers, or GPS location tags. As you complete missions, your team will accrue points at a chance to win great prizes!  Did I mention it is completely FREE!

What is a Team?
A team can be a single person or a group! Maybe it's a family, a group of friends, neighbors, classmates or a department at work. There is no limit to how many can be on  your team and participate (For the best team experience, we suggest a team max of 5). One member of the team must be 18+.

Read the 2021 Green Goose Chase Recap!

Participants, teams and individuals, in the 2022 Green Goose Chase game assume all responsibility for participating in the game and for any consequence that may arise from participating in it. In no way will the Sustainability Institute and Earth Fair be liable for consequences that occur directly or indirectly with your participation in this game. 

When you sign up to play, you will need to accept the terms of service & waive liability.

How does a Team Play?
The entire event is FREE and played through the Goose Chase APP.
A list of missions will open when the event starts for 2022. MAGICALLY throughout the week, new missions may pop up and alert you on your phone so make sure to have notifications turned on for your device. By using this APP, it will allow team members who do not live in the same household to participate safely. Mission may have you taking pictures, going on adventures, visiting locations, learning more about our region and searching for GREEN GEESE! 

Wait! There are PRIZES?!?
YES! Although all teams are bound to have TONS of FUN , teams who participate and accrue 1000 or more points will be entered into a random drawing for some great prizes. 


Sustainability is about so much more than protecting our environment. It is about that of course, but at it’s heart is creating conditions of abundance so that all people can thrive: Abundances of health and well-being; of clean air and water; of equality; of decent work; of affordable energy and more. So how do we get there? A good place to start is with the Good Life Goals.

Good Life Goals!

The Good Life Goals are based on the 17 United Nation’s Global Goals for a more sustainable world. These goals are the world’s roadmap to address some of our most pressing problems including poverty, inequality, and climate change.