2021 NEW LOCATION - Myrick Park

Sunday, April 25th 10AM-3PM

Drive-thru ONLY


  • Please review what is accepted for the event. While we would love to recycle all items, only certain items will be taken during the event. 

  • Take a moment to review the map of the event. To help ease the flow of traffic, volunteers will be guiding vehicles and signs will mark drop off locations.

  • Covid-19 precautions will be enforced at this event. Below you can read what is being done and what is required for volunteers and the public coming to recycle at this event. 


  • Electronics Recycling by Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations 

       ($10 for small electronics - $15 per TV or Monitor)

  • Paper document shredding by Harter’s Data Destruction

  • Mattress Recycling by Hilltopper & 7 Rivers Recycling


  • This is a Drive-Thru event. We ask that you stay in your vehicle at all times. 

  • Volunteers will be masked at all times and physically distance when possible. 


TBD 2021  9AM-1PM

  • Meet Volunteers at Myrick Park Center in Myrick Park - RAIN OR SHINE!

  • Covid-19 Precautions will be followed. Please wear a mask. 

  • Dress weather appropriately

  • Bring Gloves and a friend!

  • Garbage bags provided

  • Canoes, Kayaks and Bikes welcome



Trail Trek Challenge is a year-round hike/walk program on the nature preserves protected by Mississippi Valley Conservancy in five counties of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. Challenge yourself and friends to hike at least five of the trails (on your own schedule) to discover nature’s treasures and become eligible for some great drawing prizes!



Record plants and wildlife in your backyard or anywhere in the Driftless Area for this community science and fun event.

Monday, March 1, 2021–Saturday, April 30, 2022


What Is Driftless Area BioBlitz?

Driftless Area BioBlitz is a free, one-of-a-kind, opportunity for families, students, and all naturelovers to search for and learn about plants and wildlife in the Driftless Area. For this year we will continue following COVID guidelines.

From March 1st this year through April 30, 2022 this year, people can participate by submitting observations of wild organisms from anywhere in the Driftless Area using iNaturalist.  The Driftless Area includes areas in Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa that is free from glacial drift and seems not to have been covered by the Pleistocene ice.


Why Participate in Driftless Area BioBlitz?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how fun and exciting it is to notice new or uncommon species around you. Driftless Area BioBlitz feeds that sense of curiosity and discovery by encouraging people to observe everything around them, from the robin to the millipedes to the fungi and swamp oak. By dedicating some time to looking for new species, you’re also likely to learn about the incredible biodiversity in the Driftless Area (and even in your backyard!) you didn’t even know about.

Driftless Area BioBlitz is also a great opportunity for families to spend time together doing something out of the ordinary. No level of expertise is needed, which means family members of all ages can enjoy a weekend of exploring nature and the biodiversity in it.

Finally, participating in Driftless Area BioBlitz contributes scientific data that are useful to scientists and conservationists working to study and protect our wonderful plants and wildlife.



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