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ORA Trails - Sustainability Chats

Do you consider yourself a cyclist? What about a hiker? Take a moment and rethink that question. Do you like to ride a bike or take a walk on our local trails?

Many people may have previously thought that ORA was a group just for an ultra-enthusiast cycler or hiker, but the organization is much more than that. ORA Trails is dedicated to building happy, healthy, and resilient communities by providing access to equitable and sustainable outdoor recreation experiences.

If you missed our Sustainability Chat with ORA Trail's Executive Director, Jed Olson, you can watch the video playback below.

Did you know about ORA Trails:

  • 50 miles of trails that create an outdoor rich recreational environment to attract and retain an active healthy workforce.

  • 50 miles of trails that will increase tourism and the start-up businesses that support increased visitors.

  • 50 miles of trails will help children and families establish life-long patterns of positive healthy physical activity, and appreciation for natural resources.

  • 50 miles of trails will make the greater La Crosse area the ultimate place to live, work and play. A strong core creates economic stability and sustainability for the future.

  • ORA will connect our community to nature and put more people in the woods more often.

  • ORA will be a resource and advocate for building diverse, sustainable trails by experienced, professional trail designers, to the highest standards of quality.

  • ORA will work with municipalities to help connect ORA trails as a means of traveling between neighborhoods.

  • Trails will be designed so every home is within three miles of a trailhead.



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