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New and exciting things are coming!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hello! Hi There!

It is nice to virtually meet you! My name is Carrie Thompson, and I am the Operations & Program Coordinator for the Sustainability Institute. For the past five years, I have worked to support and enact the vision of our Executive Board which is filled with community leaders, innovative thinkers and sustainability committed members. The Sustainability Institute has provided a multitude of programs all with the goal in mind to convene conversations, connect with the community and inspire sustainability efforts.

You may have already noticed, but a few things look a bit different. Our website has been refreshed and our programs updated to offer more digital content. Despite these changes, the Sustainability Institute is devoted to continuing their mission: to celebrate and advance sustainability efforts within the driftless region.

Speaking of new programing, I am excited to announce our new virtual green tour series, Sustainability Chats!

These monthly virtual conversations and tours will highlight sustainability happening all around us. They will provide a place to connect with others interested and invested in sustainability. Here you can find a list of upcoming events with dates, details and free registration!

We are also launching Sustainability Spotlights.

Right here, on our blog, you will find entries from local sustainability experts, organizations, businesses and board members each month! These blog entries will continue our efforts in celebrating and connecting the community with green efforts happening in the Driftless region. Our hopes are that these blog entries will entice people to think, have a conversation, or even take action by supporting local efforts.

We hope you can join us for our upcoming Sustainability Chats and stay tuned for more Sustainability Spotlight entries coming soon!



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