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Sustainability Chats - Take on the Carbon Free Challenge!

We kicked off 2024 by encouraging City of La Crosse residents to take on the Carbon Free Challenge.

Lewis Kuhlman, Environmental City Planner for the City of La Crosse, shared a bit about the inception and current implementation of La Crosse's Climate Action Plan. One way the City of La Crosse is working towards meeting the goals set out in the plan is by partnering with BrightAction to bring the Carbon Free Challenge to local residents and businesses.

Following Lewis, Lisa Altieri, Founder and CEO of BrightAction, walked participants through the interactive platform for the Challenge. BrightAction’s platform makes it simple, easy and fun for people to learn about the solutions to climate change and find actions to make a difference at home and beyond.  BrightAction connects users with resources, robust carbon analytics and progress tracking and connects users to work together. Think “Fitbit” meets “Nextdoor” for climate solutions. BrightAction has custom tools for engagement for teachers, community groups, neighborhoods, companies and more.

Missed our live event? Watch the video playback below!



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