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The Importance of Personal Resilience

Since the recent pandemic, more attention has been given to the importance of valuing mental health and overall well being which is a great thing! Many may think that putting our own well being first is selfish and not in relationship to the greater ideas of Sustainability. The truth is personal wellbeing is a major part of sustainability and it would be nearly impossibly to sustain others and our planet without sustaining ourselves. The importance of this is clear as SDG places it under Goal 3: Stay well.

At our March Sustainability Chat we wanted to focus on two questions:

1. How do we sustain ourselves during these trying times? and

2. How do workplaces better support their people to embody overall well being?

We were lucky to chat with Dr. Erin Maslowski on St. Patrick's Day to help us think through these topics. Dr. Maslowski has appointments in the departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Sports Medicine at Gundersen Health System. She is also a certified Physician Development Coach who contributes thought leadership on health and wellness issues across Gundersen Clinics.

Erin Maslowski, MD - PDF Presentation

PersonAl resilience & Sustainability
Download PDF • 14.86MB



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